All Nighter 8 Cover


AUGUST 12-13, 2023

On the bright and early morning of August 12th, 2023, over 1,000 creatives began their 24-hour work session that resulted in 558 unique songs and 66 album covers. Musicians bounced out stems for each other and shared samples, visual artists scoured the Internet for fonts and graphics, and everyone excitedly buzzed about what would come of it all. The final result? 45 of the most outstanding, creative, and genuine tracks our corner of the digital world has to offer—with an equally beautiful album cover to match. The real enrichment lies in the act of creation. A piece of art does not have to be forward-thinking or never-seen-before, nor does it have to be better than the last; it simply has to be. To create something without worry of what others might think, to have fun with your work, is one of the greatest things this world has to offer—digital or otherwise. All proceeds from All Nighter Vol. 8 will be going to Out & Equal, an organization dedicated to workplace equality for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Storybook Chapter 2 Cover



13 writers putting pen to paper, 65 musicians composing pieces inspired by their writing, and 26 visual artists tying everything together with a cover illustration. From April 23rd to May 13th, 2023, these 104 creatives came together with one goal: to tell a story. The result amounted to thirteen beautiful tracks, rich with emotion, excitement, and wonder. Stories take on infinitely many forms. A child's drawing. A home-cooked meal. A recount of the day given by someone returning home to their spouse. They do not have to be written, nor spoken with any amount of poetry or decorative language; they simply exist. Here's to the stories we tell. Whether written, drawn, or sang, whether a fantastic fable or a solemn look into the human experience, they all carry weight. We have no greater obligation than to simply tell them in whatever way we know how. All proceeds from Storybook: Chapter 2 will be donated to Active Minds, an organization supporting mental health awareness and education for young adults.

any% Cover


JANUARY 21-22, 2023

On January 21st, 2023, over 300 musicians and visual artists challenged themselves to create something in only 18 hours. Visual artists had to create a unique album cover & its supporting graphics, and musicians were limited to no less than 50 seconds and no more than 70 seconds for their songs; in short, a speedrun. The event encouraged creatives to think outside the box, picking their ideas apart in order to keep only the essentials. At the finish line, we received some of the most exciting tracks on a FORM compilation to date. In the colors of each album cover and between the notes of each song are reflections of us— the artists. To leave pieces of ourselves *out* in lieu of a time constraint isn't easy, but it allows us to conclude what's at the center of what we create. Creativity, no matter how bare-bones or how complex & nuanced it is, is something nobody can ever take away. All proceeds from any% will be going to SpecialEffect, a charity working to make video games accessible to those with physical disabilities.

All Nighter 7 Cover


AUGUST 6-7, 2022

1,000 unique artists. 24 hours. On August 6th, 2022, the FORM community came together to make the most ambitious All Nighter yet. With tracks ranging from metal, to neuro funk, to acoustic and heartstring-pulling tunes, there is something for absolutely everyone across these 44 tracks. The hard work and groundbreaking ideas of the FORM community never cease to amaze. One thing remains true: All Nighter is a testament to our ability to be unapologetically creative. Despite the sleep deprivation, render errors, and tirelessly waiting for your collaborator to wake up and submit the finished product, the process and the result are equally worth it. To create something out of scratch in a single day—to create at all—is an enormous feat. You simply have to get started. All proceeds from All Nighter, Vol. 7 will be going to COPE, a charity dedicated to eliminating health disparities for the Navajo Nation.



JUNE 25, 2022

On June 25th, 2022, we held a once-in-a-lifetime event: FORM FEST NYC. For one night only, online creatives became offline creatives. With performances from six artists that hail from all across the United States, and emceed by Lenval Laird and Nesulosity, a crowd of nearly 200 flocked to the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan. Some flew across the country to attend; others simply took the subway across town. One thing is for sure, however: while we will never forget where FORM came from, there is something so utterly magical about bringing the digital into the real.




In 2022, FORM creatives of all kinds were encouraged to pour their hearts out onto a six-by-nine page. Anything that could be documented in a physical booklet—editorials, visual art, poetry, silly jokes—was fair game. The results were overwhelmingly brilliant; in the end, over 40 unique artworks were created and bound into a one-of-a-kind zine. FORMZINE was made possible by the FORM community's passion for its craft. It is a testament to our ability to keep creating, even if just to say, "We were here at one point in time". Art is made to be shared and loved, no matter how worn the edges get. Never be afraid to create generously and without apology. All profits from FORMZINE purchases, both physical and digital, go to RAINN, America's largest anti-sexual violence organization.




Every October since 2018, the FORM team puts their heads together to come up with 16 stellar prompts for the community to create from. Writing, songs, paintings, outfits, websites—anything goes. Formlings are encouraged to make and share their work online, not to mention watch fellow artists complete their works while streaming on the FORM Twitch channel. Ultimately, FORMTOBER aims to be a motivation for creating art and engaging with creatives of other disciplines in the FORM community. Any art, big or small, serious or simply for practice, should be celebrated. This year marks our 4th installment of FORMTOBER.



JULY 17-18, 2021

On July 17th and 18th, 2021, FORM organized its second round of FORM FAIR, an event inspired by and revolving around the creative processes of our community from creators of all different mediums. From audio visual sets, to a step by step walkthrough of creating a digital art piece from start to finish, to a digital art gallery full of submissions from the community and more, FORM FAIR had something for everyone. All of the proceeds from FORM FAIR 2021 went to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

Storybook Cover



10 writers, 29 visual artists, and 56 musicians put their heads together to create FORM's most collaborative multimedia event yet. Writers wrote stories, visual artists used them to create cover art, and musicians gave a soundtrack to the narrative and visuals they were given. Together, they formed 10 tracks-- each one with unique cover art and a brilliant backstory. STORYBOOK is truly the essence of FORM; while multimedia collaboration is no easy feat, the results are always absolutely phenomenal. Every artist is a storyteller in their own right. All profits from STORYBOOK will be donated to Educando, a nonprofit dedicated to making education in Latin America more accessible.

All Nighter 6 Cover


FEBRUARY 6-7, 2021

Over 800 unique artists came together to create a single charity compilation in 24 hours. Taking advantage of the fact that this would be the only FORM All Nighter event of the year, each participant went all-out. 45 of the most stellar tracks were hand-picked to create an album that’s phenomenal front-to-back— from math rock, to gritty electronic, to chiptune. All Nighter Vol. 6 is a reflection of creativity, teamwork, and the sleepless delusion that comes with staying up all night— but most of all, it’s a reflection of our community. We couldn't ask for a better one. All profits from All Nighter Vol. 6 will be donated to Prevent Child Abuse America.




On September 5th, 2020, FORM decided to try its own take on the URL fest formula by creating an event inspired by and revolving around the creative processes of our community from creators of all different mediums. From audio visual sets, to a step by step walkthrough of creating a digital art piece from start to finish, to a digital art gallery full of submissions from the community and more, FORM FAIR had something for everyone. FORM FAIR 2020 was organized in association with the six impala WFLYTD (ONLINE) WORLD TOUR with aesthetics designed based off of the WFLYTD album release.

All Nighter 5 Cover


AUGUST 8-9, 2020

Over the last two years, the FORM community has seen it all. We've seen faces come and go. Artists who were once inexperienced found the support and encouragement they needed. Friendships were made, memes were crafted, chaos often ensued. We're confident that All Nighter Vol. 5, our most conceptual compilation to date, is the culmination of the hard-work and creativity our community has demonstrated over the last two years. Thank you all for listening. All Nighter is FORM's signature series of compilations, comprising tracks from across the genre spectrum composed entirely within 24 hours. All proceeds from streams and digital sales will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.



JUNE 20, 2020

URL festivals are a staple of many online communities; in June 2020, FORM hosted its very first one: FORM FEST. Several musicians from previous FORM events were invited to take center stage and curate a set of their own. From mellow acoustic performances to booming DJ sets, album debuts to mega mashups, FORM FEST had something for everyone. Additionally, two exclusive items were raffled off: a USB of music/art assets, and a one-of-a-kind CD with several unreleased tracks by the performing artists. The festival raised a whopping $1,532.14 for various BLM charities of each Formling's choosing.

Telephone Redialed Cover



After TELEPHONE was released, the dust settled, and the groups were informed who they'd been working with the whole time. We then gave them a challenge: one month to re-envision their tracks, with full communication between members and all the time in the world to fully realize their vision. (It was mainly about the album title: 'redialed' was too good of a joke to pass up on.) TELEPHONE: REDIALED is a nine-track album from the FORM community, comprising eight remixes of tracks from April's TELEPHONE album by their original artists; and Oceans Apart, an original track organised and produced by 44 unique artists. Think TELEPHONE, but if the line was clearer. All proceeds raised through sales and streams will be donated to The Trevor Project.

Telephone Cover


APRIL 17-19, 2020

The newest in our series of charity compilations (with a twist), TELEPHONE is the musical equivalent of the similarly named children's game. Artists worked in teams of up to ten other artists in complete anonymity, with no communication between collaborators. Each had three hours to leave their mark on their group's track. The result? An extremely chaotic electronica record, fusing the styles of the best and brightest working in the EDM scene. We sincerely hope you enjoy TELEPHONE. All proceeds raised through sales and streams will be donated to The Trevor Project.

All Nighter 4 Cover


FEBRUARY 22-23, 2020

The fourth iteration of FORM's breakout 24-hour charity challenge is here! Featuring 37 (mostly) electronic tracks from the grassroots music scene, All Nighter 4 is our wildest album yet. All proceeds raised from sales of the album will be donated to the CDP Global Recovery Fund. Thirty-seven tracks. Fifty-eight artists. Twenty-four hours.

All Nighter 3 Cover


AUGUST 9-10, 2019

On the 9th of August 2019, the FORM community gathered once more to construct yet another 'All Nighter' album. Composed, produced and mastered entirely within 24 hours, All Nighter Vol. 3 is our largest album to date — a collection of 37 tracks by 57 artists, with genres spanning from acoustic to riddim dubstep. All money raised through sales and streams of this album will be donated to the environmental charity Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Thirty-seven tracks. Fifty-seven artists. Twenty-four hours.

All Nighter 2 Remixes Cover



We're excited to bring you a collection of fresh takes on two of the most popular tracks from All Nighter Vol. 2 -- NO MONEY!!! and Mother Tree. Featuring remixes from Artefact, Chris Medina, Viznode, and Robu! All proceeds, as with ANV2, will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

All Nighter 2 Cover


FEBRUARY 2-3, 2019

On the evening of the 2nd of February 2019, the FORM community got together once again to create the next in line to the 'All Nighter' series. Once again we couldn't be prouder to share what our artists have came back with. From harsh splittercore to soothing lofi beats to a rap about being broke, All Nighter Vol. 2 highlights the extent of the fresh talent of the URL scene. All money raised through sales and streams of this album will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America - a cause which supports the children of families on low incomes. Thirty-one tracks. Thirty-eight artists. Twenty-four hours.

Afterparty Cover



We're delighted to present our new compilation extended play, comprising works from our talented community at FORM. Afterparty is our project for Autumn 2018, the first in a series of charity albums FORM will be hosting. All proceeds will be donated to Music Unites, a charity that helps to provide musical education programmes and performance opportunities for young musicians in the United States. Afterparty consists of 6 tracks by 7 artists, curated to provide an explosive yet smooth experience from beginning to end. Strap in. The party's just begun.

All Nighter 1 Cover


AUGUST 5-6, 2018

At noon on the 5th of August 2018, 19 artists put their heads together to create the ultimate compilation album, demonstrating just how varied the sound of modern electronica can be. From soft and melodic lofi beats to huge hybrid bangers, All Nighter Vol. 1 showcases the work of just some of the immensely talented musicians working in the scene, collaborating and donating all money from streams and sales to a fantastic charitable cause, Mermaids. Everything you are about to hear has been entirely composed, produced, and mastered in the space of one day. Seventeen tracks. Nineteen artists. Twenty-four hours.